5 reasons that I love Twitter

I love Twitter. It’s official.

To those who already think Twitter is narcisism on speed, the fact that I’ve chosen to announce this will come as no surprise. But as recently as November, I was on record as dismissing Twitter. So why do I love Twitter?

  1. I recently received a blow by blow account of the RNC meeting where they elected the new party chair thanks to @nansen. I wouldn’t have ever read a news article about it (both because it’s not my party of preference and because none of my usual news outlets reported it.
  2. On Friday I reported that I was to mentor a group of sixth formers and was able to explain to @shiraabel (an Israeli) what sixth formers were
  3. On the same day I helped direct a civil servant to a useful contact in local government and;
  4. Before Christmas I was able to fix up a meeting to discuss a new media standards project with @currybet
  5. Finally, as I’ve written about professionally, Twitter is a very useful device for communications professionals

Yes, Twitter can be boring, narcistic, trivial and an incredible time-waster – just the same as blogging, reading a newspaper, watching TV or reading a book. But, as with any other medium, when used well it can solve problems, reveal new things and help make new friendships.

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