Would you join a blogging collective?

I know a number of people who enjoy blogging, do so each day and value it as an important part of the way they communicate with their key stakeholders – staff, members, shareholders etc. However, blogging is necessarily a small part of what they do because they have senior busy roles. Many of these have reached an optimum audience for their blog and are satisfied with it.They’re not able to get a much bigger readership unless they start reading other blogs and engaging with other bloggers.

But just occassionally though, they write something that they’ve put extra effort into, for which they’d like to get more attention. That’s why they’re a member of the blogging collective. The collective is made up of a number of people who’ve been invited to join because they write a good – and occassionally very good – blog but it’s only part of what they do; they’re not and won’t be in the league of Guido Fawkes or Iain Dale.

The blogging collective works like this:

  • membership is by invitation-only, with recommendations from existing members
  • if you are a member, you can alert the collective to your best blog posts twice a month
  • a condition of membership is that you write about another blogpost at least twice a month
  • anyone abusing the system will be thrown out
  • I – and anyone else – can provide regular advice and ideas to members of the collective on how they can improve their work

It’s just an idea of been working on – and arose from a suggestion made by Matthew Taylor. All thoughts, criticisms and iterations gratefully appreciated.

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